Today Is My Last Day At Automattic

After almost seven years, today is my last day working at Automattic. On Monday, I’ll start a new job as a New Product Integration Lead at Spotify. It has been a crazy ride and one I never would have expected, so it seems right, in true WordPress fashion, to share a few thoughts in a blog post before I start this next new chapter.

When I came to this company, I was drawn to the Happiness Engineer role because I enjoyed creating websites for fun and helping people. What I am leaving with though, is a career I never would have imagined for myself. The ability to work from home not only allowed me to work with people from all over the world, it allowed me to carve out a career I love for myself, which is no small feat as a majority of my time here I was also a military spouse. I lived in three states and my career continued on without disruption.

Here at Automattic we have internal blogs, called P2’s. I was able to write a farewell blog post and reflected back on my time here and received so many kind messages from my colleagues. Looking back I think I’ll miss them most, the kind people who work at Automattic. I’ve learned so much from everyone, and been exposed to so many cultures and different ways of thinking. I never would have been exposed to such diversity without working in this unique, distributed environment. I’m excited that I’ll get to keep this aspect of my work by working remotely for Spotify as well.

The decision to leave was a difficult and bittersweet one. But my passion for better connecting support teams with product development over the years led me to discover the NPI team at Spotify, and I am SO excited for the new challenges and adventures that await me there.

My experiences at Automattic helped me grow and prepare me for this upcoming change. I’m excited to share all the things I’ve learned with a new team, and learn new things from them as well. I wouldn’t be doing this without the opportunities and experiences of the last few years though, and I’ll always be grateful for this time.

I’ll continue to blog about my career adventures here, so stay tuned! Also, if you are considering such a big change for yourself – think big, reach high, and as Ted Lasso says:

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