About Me

Kristen Zuck is a Program Manager of Product Support on Automattic’s Happiness Operations team. She connects feedback from customers and Happiness Engineers back to teams building and iterating on all of our products. She is passionate about understanding customer needs and finding ways to use this knowledge to improve product development, and has over 5 years experience in Customer Support. Kristen lives in Tampa, Florida with her husband, son, and two dogs. When she isn’t working you will find her reading historical fiction, cooking or baking, running, or spending time with her family.

My Writing Elsewhere

Don’t Let Imposter Syndrome Hold You Back

Ahead of a talk I gave at Support Driven Expo Americas in July 2019, I wrote a teaser blog post sharing some takeaways from my talk with the Support Driven Community!

Support Driven Blog, July 2019

Elevating the Role of Customer Support

In July 2019 I participated on a panel at Support Driven Expo Americas about elevating the role of Customer Support teams within their companies.

Aircall Recap Blog Post, July 2019

Support Driven Writing Series

In Fall of 2018 I restarted the Support Driven Community Writing Challenge! Sharing a new prompt every day for four weeks, I invited members of the community to build their support portfolios via blog posts and share their thoughts.

Support Driven Blog, Fall 2018


The Future Of Support Depends on YOU

In July 2019 I gave a talk at Support Driven Expo America’s called the Future of Support Depends on YOU.

Customer Support as a long term career is a relatively new concept to many people. There is no clearly defined roadmap on how to excel and grow, so it’s up to us to create that road map.Whether you are a team lead or an individual contributor, you have the power to show others the value of the work Customer Support teams do every day, the impact they have on your company’s success by doing two things:

  • Learning: Connect with others in the support industry and your own company to better understand the challenges of those around you. Learn from these people and use this knowledge to solve challenges within your team and company.
  • Advocating: You’ve clearly identified an issue for your customers, team, and or company. Great! Now it’s time to stand up and explain why and how this issue should be addressed.

By improving your work in these two areas, you have the power not only to improve the impact of Customer Support at your own company today, but the importance of Customer Support as a career in the future as well.

You can find a video of this talk here.