My First Post! (And What Kept Me From Writing It)

In an effort to make more time for writing and blogging again, I’ve started the Support Driven Writing Challenges back up and am sharing four prompts over eight weeks with the community.

The first prompt I posted is:

Do you blog about work or career related topics? Why or why not?

Well, considering I’m writing this post the day I publish the next prompt and the first post on my blog – you might be able to guess why I haven’t been doing this up til now. Good old time – there is never enough of it when you’re a working mom.


Currently, I lead a team of nine Happiness Engineers at Automattic providing support to customers. When I’m not busy with work, the rest of my time is usually spent taking care of my eighteen-month-old son, our two dogs, and spending time with my husband, family, and friends.

But I suppose I’d be lying if time was the only reason for not blogging about my career. Writing more is something I’ve thought a lot about in the last few years as I’ve moved into leadership and further developed my career in support.

A lingering thing that has held me back though is, who am I to speak with any sort of authority on a career in support? I’ve only been working in support for four years after all!?

Well, if this has been the voice in the back of your head like mine… it’s time to ignore it and get to writing!

My dear friend Andrea Badgley wrote a bit about this a few months ago and it has been lingering in my mind ever since (and part of why I wanted to start up the writing challenge again).

When the negative self-talk starts, we need to remember that we are the only one who sees the world through our eyes. We are the only ones who can tell our stories. – Andrea Badgley

Wise words! Have you ever thought about writing about your career but had this negative self-talk creep in? How do you combat it?

One thought on “My First Post! (And What Kept Me From Writing It)”

  1. Omg, I wasn’t expecting my name to be in that pull quote 😂. YAY! I’m so happy you are writing, Zuck! I hope you’ll keep at it. I want to read what you have to say.

    If negative self-talk is keeping me from writing to begin with, I tell myself I’m just journaling when I write. I tell myself I can keep it to myself if I don’t want to share it. If negative self-talk is keeping me from posting publicly, I tell myself I have the prerogative to delete mean comments if there are any, and that I might learn something if someone reads and comments with a different or additive perspective. Then I close my eyes, press publish, and run away. Usually there is no need to run, though :).

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